For Parents

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The parents we work with have many questions about their children’s readiness for financial stewardship. While working with families around wealth transition and planning, we identified a need for a financial education program.

Our program is designed for 18-30 year olds from affluent families. As part of the program, parents are required to participate in a parallel program, which helps you to gain clarity around your planning, support your children’s learning in the program, and gain confidence in your family’s ability to successfully talk about money topics.

As part of this program, we also work toward holding family meetings, as a key strategy for ensuring communication and development of the next generation.


Program Outcomes for Young Adults:

  • Gain relevant financial skills including budgeting, tracking, understanding tax, investing, and estate planning
  • Build confidence in dealing with money
  • Align financial decisions with values
  • Learn how to make sound money decisions, differentiating between wants and needs
  • Develop skills for managing money
  • Gain financial independence